MailerLite Adds Integration for BigCommerce

MailerLite pushes forward with more ecommerce integration features by adding the link to BigCommerce.
Last Updated January 2, 2024
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Connect your MailerLite account with BigCommerce to automatically add your customers as MailerLite subscribers. By installing the integration, you’ll also have access to additional e-commerce features such as abandoned cart email automations, and much more

Sync and store your BigCommerce customers
  • Sync your BigCommerce customers and newsletter subscribers to your MailerLite account and store all their data.
Segment your customers based on their spendings
  • Automatically create segments in your MailerLite subscriber group based on the data from BigCommerce, such as First-time Customers, Customers with 0 Purchases, High-spending Customers ($500 and more), Repeat Customers (5 times and more), High-spending Repeat Customers, etc.
Import your product details
  • Import all your product details from BigCommerce in seconds. Images, links, and text are integrated directly into MailerLite’s drag & drop newsletter builder.
Track your revenue and sales
  • Track revenue and see how your emails directly affect sales so you can optimize your email content to sell more.
Send automated messages and abandoned cart emails
  • Send your customers automated messages and offers that are triggered by their recent purchase behaviors. In addition, set up abandoned cart emails to re-engage customers who leave their carts without making a purchase.
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